Czarnobyl is a self-taught,  Polish stencil artist, living and working in Berlin since 1993, known for his intricate cyber-punk stencil art. He has been cutting stencils since 1990, and today he is considered to be one of the Berlin’s finest stencil artists. Czarnobyl’s mixed style, which combines rough backgrounds with multi-layered grey scale stencils, results in captivating artworks of meticulous and precise images depicting strange, nostalgic characters, cyborgs and abstract patterns, which appear like hallucinations of dystopic future. These biotech visions of mutants and outsiders are here to warn us of our possible, and not-so-bright future we humans are heading to, with our technological progress and unsustainable overconsumption.



Select Exhibitions


2017 Cut Out Stencil Group Show   URBANSHIT GALLERY , Hamburg DE Group
2017 Urban Art Exhibition | ARTURb Artistas Unidos em Residência  LAC .Portugal Group
2017 Polish Urban Art v.2  Brain Damage Gallery    Lublin . PL Group
2017 Love Cat – An Artistic Approach  Scriptorium Berlin . DE Group
2017 FULL MOON ART #3 Warszawa. PL Group
2017 IRON OXIDE 2  Czestochowa. PL Group
2016  EDITION 1  City Canvas, URBANSHIT GALLERY  Urbanskills Group
2016   Czarnobyl • Pisa73 • Pozor FACTORY Berlin . PL Group
2016  Szpagarty 26  Poznan. PL Group
2016  Paper Walls- Post Scriptum Warszawa .PL Group
2015 STENCIL MASTERS Urban Art Radion Gallery ,Amsterdam NL Group
2015 Stencilism: A Cut Above Southampton City Art Gallery , UK Group
2015 versus the world Galeria Kuratorium, Warszawa Group
2015 Ausschnitte Urbanshit , Hamburg Group
2015 Your Kid Can’t Do This (YKCDT) aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney Group
2015 TERMINAL 08 Gallery Gorzow PL Solo
2015 CUT IT OUT! Urban Nation Berlin Group
2014 Polish Urban Art – Exhibitions & Murals Paris Berlin Batumi Lviv Kyiv Minsk Lublin Stockholm Group
2014 Urban Art Clash Yaam, Berlin Group
2013 Smaschine Art Night Sculptures , Kinetics, Machines & Fire Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin Group
2013 Stencil Bastard II Starkart Galler, Zurich Group
2013 Urban Art Clash Platoon Kunsthalle , Berlin Solo
2012 CALY TEN STREET ART Art Agenda Nova Krakow, PL. Group
2012 PUBLIC PROVOCATION IV Carhartt Gallery , Weil Am Rhein,DE. Group
2011 Under Construction NewYork – Berlin Graffiti & Street Art ITINERRANCE Gallery , Paris , FR. Group
2011 The Corrosive Container Spazio Concept / X-LAB CorrosiveArtFarm Milano Group
2011 Divergence North Art Space Jakarta , Indonesia Group
2011 Graffiti vs Street Art Brain Damage Gallery #1 Lublin /PL. Group
2010 w.c.n.d. Galeria Nadziei , Szczecin. PL Solo
2010 Mutation ATM Gallery , Berlin Solo
2010 Czarnobyl & Pisa73 Nest expo Berlin Group
2010 Aerosol Fumes Neurotitan Gallery Berlin Group
2009 Czarnobyl Baraka Gallery , KRAKÓW PL Solo
2009 Czarnobyl Superplan, Unserioses Design / Galerie, Berlin Solo
2008 Czarnobyl Zero Gallery, Berlin Solo
2009 Peeldeszablonen (V)iuro Gallery Warszawa PL Group
2009 Masters of Post Graffiti Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery & URBAN AFFAIRS extended , Berlin Group
2008 Le M.U.R. collage du collectif CTINK , Paris , France Group
2008 Urban Affairs Streetart & Urban Art Exibition Berlin Group
2007 Melbourne Design Festival. Melbourne, Australia Group
2006 Laktacje – 03 Lodz art center, miedzynarodowe centrum sztuki, LODZ, PL Group
2005 Laktacje – 02 dawna restauracja Europa , Piotrkow Trybunalski. PL Group
2005 Laktacje – ulica w ramach Koneser wytwornia wodek , Warszawa. PL Group
2005 The City Made Us Do This DIALEKT , Stuttgart Group
2004 Overspray Internationale Stretart Exhibition Berlin Group
2004 Czarnobyl Umspannwerk- Generatorenhalle ,Berlin Solo
1999 Czarnobyl Hangar , Berlin Solo

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