have the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition
which will take place on September 15, 2023, at 7:00 PM,

at the SZOKART Gallery in Poznań, Poland Cyril Ratajski Square 1.

"Porträt Spiegel," or the Portrait Mirror, presents a candid and striking narrative by Tomasz
Górnicki and Czarnobyl that delves into themes of pain and transience. The exhibition marks the
debut of a collaborative project by two seemingly disparate artists, centered around the concept
of the portrait mirror as a tool for artistically confronting existential unrest and what is commonly
referred to as the darker aspects of human nature. This widely recognized term can e ectively
serve as a tool for grasping the underlying idea behind Porträt Spiegel—an exhibition that merges
the realms of sculpture and the stencil painting phenomenon. Within this context, each medium
and artwork presented becomes a mutual re ection for the other, resulting in an interplay of
re ections and tensions that give rise to new and limitless contexts for interpreting gurative
creativity at its core.

Driven by this premise, Czarnobyl and Górnicki consciously distance themselves from literal
interpretations and abandon techniques they have honed over the years. Unobtrusively, they
move away from intricate details in favor of a comprehensive synthesis, manifested through
measures like reducing colors and simplifying forms. This meticulous exhibition thus takes on the
character of abstract constructions, sparking a dialogue on the triadic plane of artist, work, and

Engaging with the works of Tomasz Górnicki and Czarnobyl, however, demands e ort from the
audience—an experience that is brutal on multiple levels, akin to confronting one's own
grievances. Yet, it is only through this process that one can truly fathom the essence of the
exhibition and, indirectly, grasp the intentions of the artists. Drawing from universal experiences,
they intentionally evoke discomfort and provoke thought. The resulting disquiet is communal, and
the titular portrait becomes a mirror in which we confront our personal experiences and
symbolically acquaint ourselves with fellow human beings. Consequently, the initial polarization
that elicited revulsion and aversion gives way to dialogue. Startling mutilations and deformations,
observable in the artworks, no longer in ict harm but allow for catharsis and familiarity with the
concept of transience. In accordance with D. Nieznalska's words, the artists become "a form of
mirror re ecting what is often hidden in shame, bringing societal unawareness to light."
Masters of evoking dormant emotions, Tomasz Górnicki stands as one of the most acclaimed
Polish sculptors and a leading artist among the younger generation. His creations pivot around
emotional extremities—some sculptures encapsulating inner demons to be discarded, while
others encapsulate cherished moments. Sculpture, for him, serves as a balm for pain and fear
while o ering a sense of ful llment. Górnicki's exhibition endeavors seamlessly blend classical
sculpture with other artistic mediums, facilitating a juxtaposition of his work with diverse
viewpoints and, thus, yielding a new dimension that transcends mere aesthetic values. Examples
of such collaborations are manifest in Górnicki's remarkable exhibitions: "The Core" (a 2022
collaboration with world-renowned photographer Roger Ballen) and "Porträt Spiegel," a joint
venture with Czarnobyl.

Czarnobyl, or Damian Terlecki, stands as one of the world's foremost artists specializing in stencil
technique. His unique style, developed since the late 1980s, embodies not only technical mastery
but also an unyielding commitment to content, dismantling established conceptions of our
surroundings. Despite his roots in photography and portraiture, Czarnobyl revels in minimalism.
His prowess in stencil artistry allows him to replicate reality more faithfully than photographs.
Czarnobyl's artistic realm aligns closely with Górnicki's aesthetic, heralding a harmonious fusion
of sculpture and imagery. The interrelationships between their works and the chosen themes are
so intimate that the exhibition becomes a cohesive installation, transcending the mere
coexistence of two artists within a shared space.

In this light, the joint exhibition becomes a unique mirror—a realm wherein Czarnobyl and
Górnicki can engage in profound discourse and attain a deeper understanding of their individual
creativity. However, it is vital to remember that a mirrored re ection holds the power to manipulate
reality and is never an impeccable or unequivocal replica. A mirror can also serve as a gauge of an
artist's skill, facilitating the discernment between the truth of perception and the realm of illusion.
"The mirror is often seen as a conduit to self-knowledge; yet, it has long been recognized as a
source of falsehood, presenting only the semblance of reality and not reality itself: for all that is
right it re ects as left, and what is on the left appears on the right." Guided by this insight,
"PorträtSpiegel" establishes a domain of varied interpretations, inviting exploration into the nuances and
sensitivity inherent in the showcased works. Furthermore, it encourages a courageous endeavor—
to extract the essence of humanity that Górnicki and Czarnobyl so vividly chronicle.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I
know even as also I am known." (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Cezary Hunkiewicz




Correio de Lagos ist hier: LAC – Laboratório Actividades Criativas.

26. April um 20:37Lagos, Distrikt Faro, Portugal

LAC realiza exposições em Faro, Lisboa e Porto

No passado dia 16 de Abril, o LAC inaugurou a exposição colectiva PRALAC + Acervo na Associação 289, em Faro.
Esta exposição, inserida no ciclo de exposições que o LAC, associação sediada na cidade de Lagos, irá realizar em Faro, Lisboa e Porto de Abril a Junho, tem como objectivo divulgar os Artistas inseridos no programa de residências (PRALAC) e dar a conhecer parte do acervo que a Associação possui e que resulta de diversos projectos que desenvolve, nomeadamente: ARTURb, um projecto de Arte Urbana que tem trazido a Lagos/Portugal alguns dos Artistas nacionais e internacionais mais representativos desta área; ROOTS, um projecto que aborda a temática da escravatura clássica e contemporânea com obras de Artistas oriundos de países tocados por esta temática e PINHOLE, um projecto de fotografia estenopeica de grandes dimensões que conta com registos dos mais emblemáticos monumentos de norte a sul do País.
Nestas exposições, concebidas especificamente para cada cidade, estarão patentes trabalhos de áreas tão diversas como a fotografia, escultura, pintura e instalação multimédia de artistas como: Abraão Vicente (Cabo Verde), Add Fuel (Portugal), António Bokel (Brasil), Czarnobyl (Polónia), Délio Jasse (Angola), Gonçalo MAR (Portugal), Jorge Dias (Moçambique), Kruella D´Enfer (Portugal),Tamara Alves (Portugal), Xana (Portugal)
Em Faro, a exposição estará patente de quinta-feira a domingo das 15h às 19h, até dia 15 de Maio.
A 21 de Maio inaugurará no Porto, na Galeria “Drogaria da Corujeira” e estará patente de 21 de maio a 18 de Junho uma outra exposição que integrará igualmente obras de artistas em residência no LAC e do seu acervo. Seguidamente, de 04 de Junho a 02 de Julho estará patente uma exposição de obras seleccionadas para o espaço UBBO, antigo centro comercial Dolce Vita Tejo, na Amadora/Lisboa.
Com este ciclo de exposições o LAC procura divulgar a sua actividade e artistas nos grandes centros urbanos do país, rompendo com a situação periférica de Lagos, afirmando a contemporaneidade e qualidade do trabalho por si desenvolvido.



Life with a knife

Damian Terlecki, René Meyer (rmyr), Bartlomiej Stypka

Gallery X23

Andreas Marx
Nathanaelstr. 7
04177 Leipzig

26 Mar – 7 May 2022

„Life with a knife“Gallery x23feat. @czarnobylxter | @rmyr.stencils | @bartlomiej_stypkaOpening March 26, 2022 at 6pm ❗️„Life with a knife“ brings together three artists Damian Terlecki (Czarnobyl), René Meyer (rmyr) as well as Bartlomiej Stypka, who have dedicated themselves to meticulous hand-cut stencil art. Even though the stencil technique is similar, the results of the three artists could hardly be more different. Classic figurative motifs, as one usually associates with stencil art, are looked for in vain. Here, reality, abstraction and fictionality meet in the form of a visual spectrum with almost photorealistic attention to detail.



Cut & Paste. Polski Szablon 2020
Elektrownia Powiśle

Cut & Paste. Polish stencil 2020The stencil is an old painting technique, even up to 30 thousand years old one. For a long time inscriptions and markings, signs and signboards were painted with the help of stencils. During the Second World War, this technique was used by the soldiers of the Small Sabotage and after the war by communist propaganda.Without a stencil, there would be no aesthetics of the punk rock underground of the ‘80s. In that decade, stencil graffiti turned out to be a perfect medium for spreading ideas for the youth circles, anti-system and artistic communities. After the fall of communism, the walls of Polish cities were covered with hundreds and thousands of stencils’ reflections, which today would be simply named: street art. This is where the roots of the contemporary Polish template scene derive from. The artists who started their careers at that time continue creating until this day. “Illegal stencil graffiti are small, usually one-colour, seemingly unattractive pictures, but they are worth looking for and worth watching, because they are real gems of street art” – says SC Szyman, graphic and poster artist, creator of the Warsaw studio N22 and curator of the exhibition „Cut & Paste. Polish Stencil 2020“. The full precision potential of the template is revealed only in the artist’s studio. We will see such works at the exhibition at Elektrownia Powiśle.The exhibition will be attended by:
Egon Fietke
Gu-Tang Clan
Bartek Stypka
TankpetrolThe exhibition takes place as part of Street Art Doping 2020 in the space of the pop-up gallery in Elektrownia Powiśle (2nd floor). Its organizer is Fundacja Do Dzieła! The event is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.
The exhibition will be open until December 6, 2020 within time schedule below:Tuesday – Friday from 16:00 to 20:00
Saturday – Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00Due to the prevailing Covid restrictions, those who plan coming to the vernissage on 6.11, are kindly asked to send an e-mail confirming their presence with the indicated time of arrival (7 PM or 8 PM) to the following address: fundacjadodziela@gmail.comAccompanying events:
• 7.11.2020 at 17:00
The meeting with Mariusz Waras aka M-city – hosted by Marcin Krasny,
• 18.11.2020 at 19:00
Polish Stencil – lecture by Marcin RutkiewiczAs a part of Street Art Doping 2020, also the M-City’s mural on Strzelecka Street 5 will be created.


On the 12th of September, 2020, the Colab gallery will be opening the group exhibition ‘Papers Please’.Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the art and culture sector.
For the safety and well-being of its visitors, the Colab Gallery was also forced to abruptly terminate the last exhibition and close its halls for an uncertain period of time. The gallery’s long-standing tradition of presenting a new group exhibition to coincide with the Art Basel weekend was interrupted, also causing the entire upcoming schedule for the year 2020 to be thrown overboard.

The world was forced into lockdown and still is in many parts. For artists such an isolated state is a natural part of the process of their art, when they concentrate on working in their studios for longer periods whilst developing new ideas and art projects.

During this crisis the Colab Gallery remains solidly united with the scene and shows its colours for the contemporary urban and graffiti art. We would like to support our artists and provide them with the possibility of coping with lean times. Invited artists are not expected to travel and take risks as long as the international situation has not improved. On this basis we have invited all artists of past years to forward two current work of art on paper to us.
We proudly present a broad cross section of contemporary work of the scene to our audience. More than 90 artists will be presenting their work on paper for the exhibition ‘Papers Please’.
We are expecting drafts, collages, paintings as well as print editions produced by urban artists from all over the world. Motifs, techniques and style will be diverse as the participating artists themselves. The multi-faceted collection will be presented on-line as a digital exhibition.
Due to the current situation of Covid-19 and for safety reasons concerning visitors and our staff, the Colab Gallery will decline to present the usual physical opening vernissage of the exhibition. We politely request that you follow the usual safety precautions concerning compulsory masks and social distancing regulations and apologise for inconvenience. 

The Colab Gallery and its exhibition ‘Papers Please’ will be opening on Saturday, the 12th of September, 2020, as a silent opening.





Zbiór prac z ostatnich lat, rozrzuconych tematycznie.

Podświadomie łączący się w podróż po otaczającym nas świecie śmietnika informacyjnego, wywołującego emocje przy łączeniu rzeczy martwych lub wirtualnych z istotą ludzką .

Wybór prac można podzielić na trzy procesy;
Portret, twarz. Człowiek
– nośnik emocjonalny, narzędzie.
Nieodwracalna destrukcja -umierający proces biologiczny.
– tworzy nasze otoczenie i oddziałuje na psychikę.
Odbicia lustrzane (Rorschach)
– pozwala na dowolną interpretację odbiorcy, zależnie od indywidualnego stanu psychicznego, zaprogramowanego poprzez czynniki zewnętrzne.


Pierwsze szablony zaczął tworzyć na początku lat osiemdziesiątych. Lista jego inspiracji obejmuje Berlin z jego kulturą punkową, squatingiem i żywą sceną graffiti, a także klasyki filmowe, takie jak „Stalker” Andrieja Tarkowskiego, czy dzieła cyberpunkowych artystów, takich jak William Gibson. W swoich pracach Czarnobyl tworzy wizję dystopijnej przyszłości, łącząc w swoich drobiazgowo wyciętych szablonach portrety ludzi i ilustracje maszynowe. Dzięki nakładaniu warstw, dublowaniu, nakładaniu się i przebudowywaniu szablonów udało mu się stworzyć własny język form, który jest innowacyjny, nowoczesny, a jednocześnie komunikatywny.
instagram @czarnobylxter


Dubwave. Tak można określić muzykę tria, w której puchnący od basów dub romansuje z retro dźwiękami klasycznego instrumentu i field recordingu. Hipnotyzująca repetytywność w naturalny sposób podpowiada skojarzenia z falami, przy czym eksperymentalna elektronika każe pamiętać, że jeśli już fale, to raczej wzburzone.
W styczniu 2019 roku ukazała się pierwsza płyta zespołu „#1” wydana na limitowanym winylu w wytwórni Don’t Sit On My Vinyl (sublabel Gusstaff Records) oraz jeszcze mocniej limitowanej kasecie w DYM records. Drugim wydawnictwem zespołu są remiksy „#1” wykonane przez Jacka Sienkiewicza oraz 1988 (syny).
Mateusz Rychlicki (Kristen, Kobieta z Wydm) – drums, electronics
Adam Sołtysik (ex-Pogodno) – bass
Mateusz Rosiński (wrong dial, Dym Records) – electronics




Black is the most ambivalent of all colors. In fact, black isn’t a color at all, but appears when all colors are brought to their darkest value. It is the absence of light, representing the primal fear of nothingness, death and isolation, yet it is associated with infinity, silence and elegance. Black can seem threatening or stabilizing when the world is about to turn upside down. It is ever-present and timeless, though mysterious and magic. In the light of day, black is authoritative, bold and powerful. Its intensity and violence disclose best when interacting with its counterpart white, just think of Picasso’s Guernica or Malevitch’s Black Square on White Ground. Minimalistic on one hand, multi-facetted in manifold emotional, psychological und artistic forms on the other, the exhibition SHADES OF BLACK reveals, what is lurking in the dark.

13th of september until 26th of october 2019

Anton Höger, Czarnobyl, Dura, Eudald De Juana, Federico Clapis, Jesse Draxler, Lucas Zimmermann, Rémy Hysbergue, Martin Paul Müller, Ronit Baranga, Stefan Zsaitsits, curated by Anja Delastik and Yeliz Kaiser

størpunkt . gallery for contemporary art . munich
Tengstrasse 32a . München/Schwabing


Exposição ARTURb 2019 – Stencil Masters Edition 0.2

Urban Art Exhibition
Opening > September 21st at 10h00pm
Exhibition > From September 21st until November 02nd
Local > LAC – Laboratório Actividades Criativas LAGOS , Portugal

Dno3 (BE)
Guaté Mao (FR)
Stéphane Moscato -STF (FR)
Co-curated by LAC (Jorge Pereira Nothanks) | Czarnobyl (PL)


Love all colours II

The O.D Gallery is proud to present its second partnership with Portuguese cultural foundation Laboratório de Actividades Creativas (LAC)
LAC is known for its collaborations with renowned international street artists, often before they are known by a larger audience. They offer artists residencies, giving them the opportunity to develop and advance their career away from the art market. As a part of the residency, every year the artists of LAC transform the city of Lagos into an enormous street art museum. In this exhibition we have joined forces with them. Together we created an exhibition with a wide variety of artworks by the street artists of the future.
Participating artists: Aliás, mr Thoms, Mario Bélem, B-toy, Czarnobyl, Ernest Nassimo, Stefan Winterle, Rene Mayer, Jorge Pereira, Jorge Charrua and Jens Mohr.
We hope to welcome you in our gallery soon,
O.D. Gallery
Opening: 14 September 5 – 9 pm
Exhibition till 9 November




Colab Gallery proudly presents “Power Play” upcoming group-exhibition, Vernissage on Sat. 8th June / 8pm

Ampparito • Andrea Ravo Mattoni • Czarnobyl
Pantonio • Sabek • Sepe • Sten Lex • Udatxo

curator Stefan Winterle
supported by Carhartt Work In Progress




Upside Art
12.12.2018 – 06.01.2019

Filharmonia im. Mieczysława Karłowicza w Szczecinie
ul. Małopolska 48, 70-515 Szczecin.

SIKSA | performance
godz. 20:30 | Galeria Poziom 4.
Michał Banasik | Czarnobyl | Rafał Kowalski | Paweł Książek |Bartek Otocki | Łukasz Patelczyk | Remigiusz Suda | SIKSA
Katarzyna Szeszycka | Anna Taut | Aleksandra Waliszewska | Małgorzata Wielek–Mandrela | Kacper Zieliński




 Urban Spree Gallery 


until 18.12.18.




Urban Art Exhibition
Opening > September 22nd at 10h00 p.m.
Exhibition> From September 22nd until November 03rd

Guest Artists

Co- curated by LAC | CZARNOBYL (PL)






 „CUT OUT“ Stencil Group Show

Exhibition: November 18th – December 8th 2017

Breite Straße 56
22767 Hamburg

Opening hours
Wednesday and Thursday 15:00-18:00
And by appointment
+49 40 88932201







Urban Art Exhibition \ ARTURb 2017
in LAC

ARTURb 2017

Opening September 23rd at 10pm
Exhibiting till October 28th, wednesday – saturday bbetween 2pm till 7pm
Guided Tours October 7th & 21st *
Workshop Stencil October 14th – 15th *
Finissage & Launch of the Catalog October 28th at 10pm





Full Moon Party

Pracownia N22
Miłość Kredytowa 9

Warszawa | Poland

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This year’s edition of FULL MOON ART #3 showcases 12 unique, large-format works from top Polish urban artists.








Exhibition – Love Cat – An Artistic Approach

Scriptorium Berlin
Niederbarnimstrasse 2
10247 Berlin
Love Cat – 17-18. JUN .2017

Love Cat is a collective exhibition of over 40 works by artists about their characterful kittens.
Always cats have been the object of fascination for people, including artists. They were given divine qualities, placed in various myths, fairy tales and legends. Many great painters have taken this motif in their artworks. To participate in this exhibition dedicated to these animals, we decided to invite our friends whom we know to be cat lovers. Despite the fact of owning a cat, they rarely take this subject in their works. It is precisely the uniqueness of this project that each artist and cat have their own distinct character and style.
This exhibition gives you the opportunity to purchase unique artworks .
Paintings, photographs, prints, stickers and sculptures by:
Allison Tanenhaus, Aneta Fila, Anna Taut, Arch + Dot, Artez, Artur Turowski, Bartek Bojarczuk, Bohomaz, City Kitty, C-215, Czarnobyl, Dagna Wrazen, Darek Dabrowski, Doterius Molrok, Egon Fietke, Gergely Void, Henryk Kwiatek, Iza Kita, Jo Frgmnt Grys, Lump, Lukasz Berger Cekas, Lunar, Martha Cooper, Marta Kwiatek, Martiszu & Szyman, Mariusz Waras M-City, Monstfur, Nadja Schüller, Pawel Ryzko, Patryk Wisniewski, Pure Evil, Rozalia Wojcik, Sainer, Sepe, Sicoerism, SuperFatCat, Steve Thiede, Theosone, Tomasz Gornicki.





 IRON OXIDE Festival 2017

ul.Bojemskiego | 23-26 Maja

Czestochowa . Pl
KONDUKTOROWNIA | ul.Piłsudskiego 34/36 |
25 Maja, godz. 19.00

Druga odsłona festiwalu street artu w specjalnej strefie ekonomicznej. Tym razem swoje prace stworzą Czarnobyl – legenda berlińskiej sceny szablonu oraz Seikon – jeden z ciekawszych przedstawicieli abstrakcji geometrycznej. Wspólnie z częstochowską Konduktorownią przygotowywujemy również wystawę połączoną z prezentacją dokumentacji z artystycznego wyjazdu po europie IRON OXIDE Trip 2017.






klub Miłość ul. Kredytowa 9 w Warszawie – sala wystawowa, 2 piętro
piątek 26.05.2017






Reichenberger Straße 114, 10999 Berlin, Deutschland
19. November – 4. Dezember 2016
Di. Do. Sa. So. 18.00-22.00 Uhr.





Stowarzyszenie Promocji Kultury Kamienica oraz Terminal08 zapraszają:



otwarcie wystawy 16 października, piątek, godz. 19:00
galeria Terminal08, ul. Grobla 15, Gorzów .PL





Urban Art Festival Amsterdam celebrates its 5 year anniversary with two thoroughly curated international group shows at Radion Gallery:

>> GRAFFUTURISM (premiere in the Netherlands) <<

We invited an eclectic line-up of top artists from all around the world


ABOVE (usa) – BTOY (es) – BUSTART (ch) – C215 (fr) – CANVAZ (irl) – CZARNOBYL (de) – E.L.K. (au) – FAKE (nl) – HUGO KAAGMAN (nl) – IVES.ONE (nl) – JANA & JS (de) – JAUNE (be) – LIJNE (nl) – MANDO MARIE (usa) – NAFIR (iran) – ORTICANOODLES (it) – OTTO SCHADE (uk) – PIPSQUEAK WAS HERE (nl) – STF (fr) – TANKPETROL (uk) – TERA ONE (de)







Het StreetArt Festival van Apeldoorn is terug en wel op 27 september 2015! Dit jaar een nog dikkere line up dan vorig jaar. Met internationale kunstenaar zoals El Bocho, Czarnobyl en Gijs Vanhee.

Daarnaast is er op het stationsplein een danscompetitie georganiseerd door Come Correct Breakdance Crew en is er een Grafitti contest.

Klein Berlijn organiseert een Street Art kunstexpositie met muziek en veel gezelligheid.

Het Museum voor Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte neemt je mee in een rondleiding langs alle battles en kunstwerken.

Wil jij op de hoogte blijven van de ontwikkelingen Houdt dan de Street Art Apeldoorn pagina in de gaten voor het laatste nieuws







Stencilism- A Cut Above Poster pdf I

Southampton City Art Gallery

Stencilism: A Cut Above

18 September 2015 – 23 January 2016

Open: Monday – Friday 10am to 3pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm

Admission: Free.

As stencil art has become more established, it has moved indoors and as a result, changed the rules from temporary works on the street to permanence in national gallery collections.

Coinciding with Spirit of Place and inspired by Ben Johnson’s hyperrealist paintings, Stencilism: A Cut Above has brought together emerging and established artists from the world of street art that have evolved an almost obsessive eye for detail in their stencils, including international artists Czarnobyl, Otto Schade, Orticanoodles and Stickee.

Accompanying Stencilism: A Cut Above is ‚Walls‘ by Matt Maber in the gallery foyer, a photograph exhibition which documents street artists and their work across the UK.









versus the world

Contrary to common opinion the stencil technique is not very rigid. Does not have to impose their properties obligatorily in the final piece. To prove this thesis we compiled together images of five outstanding stencil artists : Czarnobyl, M-city, Michal Mráz, Monstfur and Tankpetrol. Each ot them has own style, creates an individual atmosphere of works, has his personal world.
And what function in this world adopts a stencil? On the one hand, it can be very sharp, monochrome with strong bridges. On the other hand, it becomes gently hidden in soft-painting forms or in several subsequent shading layers . Can leave overspraying or might be reflected with surgical precision. Full spectrum. Full flexibility. Full creative freedom.

In the confrontation „stencil versus the world“ stencil is a „loser“, it is still only a tool. It does not limit and remains at the service of artists in creating their vision of the world.

Opening: Friday, 11th of September at 19.00
Galeria Kuratorium
Sienna 43A,
Warsaw, Poland

Exhibition is a part of Szablon Dżem 10 / Visegrad Stencil Jam
Project co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund





0 Flyer Ausschnitte Vorderseite0 Flyer Ausschnitte Rueckseite

Stencils gehören zu den weit verbreiteten und bekanntesten Techniken der Urban Art. Die Gruppenausstellung „Ausschnitte“ zeigt ausgewählte Werke von 12 Künstlern aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum. Sie geben einen Einblick in die Welt der Schablonenkunst und spiegeln eine facettenreiche Kunstszene wider.


Grindelallee 117, 20146 Hamburg

Updates & Infos auf








Your Kid Can’t Do This (YKCDT)

 26. 06. 15  | 18:00

aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney








Solo Show

TERMINAL 08 Gallery

12.06.15 | 19.30

ul. Grobla 15, Gorzow , Poland.








An international group show dedicated to the art of stencil. Curated by Olly Walker & Henrik Haven.





Polish Urban Art – Exhibitions & Murals

Paris – Berlin – Batumi – Lviv – Kyiv – Minsk – Lublin – Stockholm!

The results of the project can be checked on the official project website as well as the facebook page of Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej.

Organized by Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej in cooperation with: Brain Damage Gallery (Poland), The „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre“ Centre (Poland), Whole City (Poland), Tamara Bokuchava (Georgia), Nini Palavandishvili (Georgia), Grob Yarik (Ukraine), Dzyga Gallery (Ukraine), Nazar Motyk (Ukraine), Y galery (Belarus), Urban Spree Gallery (Germany).

The project has been financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and the City of Lublin.

Batumi – 15-26.08.2014
Kyiv – 20-25.10. 2014
Lviv – 26-31.10.2014
Minsk – 05-10.11.2014
Berlin – 13-16.11.2014
Stockholm – 20-23.11.2014
Paris – 27-30.11.2014
Lublin – 11-14.12.2014






Der Korea-Verband e.V. lädt zur Aus­stel­lung »Ver­giss Mich Nicht!« auf dem Frie­dens­fes­ti­val Ber­lin 2014 ein.

Das Zelt des Korea-Verband e.V. wird zum Gesamt­kunst­werk über »Trostfrauen«.


Live Painting with Theosone







exhibition in the new yaam art space in berlin.






36 Jahre SO36 – Der Auftakt:

SO 36 FLURPROJEKT from eastcross projects on Vimeo.

Do 7.8. 16:00 60 m2 Kunst im Klub
Flureröffnung mit Musik – mit den Berliner Stencil Künstlern CZARNOBYL, KEN und PISA73 in Kooperation mit dem HATCH Stickermuseum.

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